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History and Background

ACCORD is Ireland's leading nationwide agency supporting marriage and relationships for over 50 years through its 55 Centres and 1,000+ personnel. Our aim is to help couples prepare for, achieve and sustain their marriage and family relationships, to offer ongoing relationship support and assist them in times of difficulty or crisis.

Our core services are Marriage and Relationship Counselling and Marriage Preparation Programmes.

Other services offered are Fertility Awareness and Wellbeing and Schools Programmes.

ACCORD Marriage Care (formerly CMAC) was established in Ireland in the early 60s and expanded to become a nationwide service. Our personnel are selected for their unique qualities of warmth and care, and also for their experience in the day to day living of their own couple relationships. They are trained to the highest standard and offer this service on a largely voluntary basis.

ACCORD services are available to all who need them, regardless of denomination, race, creed or ability to pay. Services are offered based on client need and not their ability to pay.

ACCORD, through its 50+ years of service, has acquired particular expertise in couple counselling and maintains a Client Pathway Review programme of assessment and continuous improvement to ensure that a first class service is always offered to our clients.

Marriage preparation programmes are offered to more than 14,000 individuals each year. ACCORD endeavours through its programme “Marriage – A Journey Not a Destination” to offer couples skills in communication, conflict management and other relevant areas to aid their transition into their marriage, and provide them with ongoing positive and constructive capacity to deal with the challenges they encounter.

Mission Statement

Empowering people.
Fostering Relationships.
Caring for Couples facing the
Challenges of Christian Marriage.
This is the work of ACCORD
in today's world.