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Latest News Accord Counsellor Recruitment and Selection 2021

22nd April 2021

Accord Counsellor Recruitment and Selection 2021

A unique Opportunity to train to Level 6 (UK) / Level 8 (ROI) as a specialist Couples Counsellor qualified to practice in-peron and online.

Accord is recruiting experienced practitioners to train in the specialism of Couples and Relationships Counselling.   Successful applicants will have an opportunity to follow a 16 day Level 6/Level 8 Certificate programme in Couples Counselling (in-person/blended learning) and a further 105 hours training in online and telephone counselling with individuals and couples with an external provider commissioned by Accord.

Do you have :
Minimum Level 5 (UK)/Level 7 (ROI) qualification in Counselling / Psychotherapy ?
Substantial experience of working in the Person-Centred Style ?
Minimum 100 counselling hours post-graduation ?
A current supervised caseload ?

If you can answer yes to all four questions above please contact us for further information about this unique Couples Counselling training package.   Final date for receipt of applications 07/06/202.    Downloadable Application Form

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