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Latest News Marriage Preparation and New Year Resolutions

4th January 2016

Marriage Preparation and New Year Resolutions

Many couples, imbued by a spirit of vitality and love, are now eagerlylooking forward to that most wonderful day of the year – their wedding day. Perhaps your wedding plans are already at an advanced stage, or perhaps you have only just begun? And maybe for you, similar to many couples experience, the New Year brings with it fresh perspective, renewed purpose and a wealth of New Year resolutions?

The term “New Year’s Resolution” is a tradition that dates back to ancient times finding expression in most civilizations and religious conventions. In western society our contemporary representation of New Year resolutions extends to practices such as abstaining from alcohol; quitting smoking; losing weight; going to the gym more frequently; and getting out of debt, particularly after an over indulgent Christmas season. And perhaps in preparing for your special day in the year ahead, you too are reflecting on the resolutions that will enhance and sustain your relationship within married life?

Maybe you are already resolving to become more understanding and supportive of your partner in the year ahead? You have possibly resolved to listen more attentively to what is going on in your partner’s life? Perhaps you feel you would like to become more empathic to the fears, stresses and tensions experienced by your partner within her / his workplace? Maybe you have resolved to become less grumpy, opinionated, and less insistent on having your own way in lover’s quarrels within your relationship? Perhaps you have resolved to manage your time differently this year so that you can support your partner’s social interests?

Your New Year resolutions are possibly more social, familial, educationalor behavioural orientated? Perhaps as a couple you have decided to join a social club and get more involved in group activities? Maybe you have resolved to accept and respect the traditions in your partner’s family of origin to a greater extent and spend more time with them? Maybe you have together decided to undertake a new course or study a language this year? Perhaps you have resolved to become more extroverted inpersonality and make more friends outside of your relationship?

Maybe your New Year resolutions are focussed exclusively on your shared wedding plans? Perhaps together you have resolved to really get your financial affairs in order? You have possibly jointly decided to work extra hours so that you can afford your dream honeymoon together? Maybe you have made your mind up that you will not allow the stresses and tensions of last minute wedding preparations to affect your special day together? Perhaps you have resolved to give expression to the spiritual dimension of your lives as you prepare for the Sacrament of Marriage? And maybe you have resolved to undertake an Accord Marriage Preparation Course to better enable you live more loving and fulfilled lives within marriage?

Exercise: Discuss with one another the five New Year resolutions that are really important to you this year! Discuss how each of you can support the other in achieving your resolutions! Reflect together on how you can best monitor progress on your resolutions as the year progresses.

For Your Information:

The Accord marriage preparation course, “Marriage – A Journey Not a Destination” offers an extensive series of activities around issues relating to the preparation for marriage. For further information

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