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Fertility and Wellbeing

Planning a family is a very important issue for couples. It can result in great happiness and also  great disappointment. Being knowledgeable and informed about their fertility can assist couples to plan their family together.

Awareness of the side effects of drugs and the impact of drugs on our environment makes natural family planning an attractive option for couples.

The Fertility and Wellbeing service in ACCORD is an educational service, offering instruction / counselling in Fertility Awareness and Natural Family Planning (NFP) for women / couples who wish to achieve a pregnancy or plan their family.  Methods  taught are evidence-based and the result of years of scientific research to refine such  techniques into an effective method of fertility management.

ACCORD is most indebted to Fertility UK for being  a rich resource of information for this web site.

ACCORD Fertility and Well Being practitioners are people who have been specifically selected and trained to deliver this service. They fully understand male and female fertility.  These practitioners use this knowledge and training to inform, educate and support individuals and couples with regard to their fertility.

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