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Quality & Standards

ACCORD is committed to providing the highest quality of service to its clients. To this end a systematic process of Client Pathway Review is used throughout the organisation in order to focus energy and resources on the maintenance and continuous improvement of our service.

The Client Pathway Review is an objective, systematic process that evaluates practice and supports services. The Review process assesses structures, not people. By reviewing each element of the Client Pathway in each Centre, ACCORD is able to monitor the efficiency and quality of the service and identify any elements needing attention or development. This enables ACCORD to provide an even more effective delivery of service to clients and leads to an increase in staff morale.

The process has the potential to:

  • Create transparency based on objective evidence
  • Identify and promote good practice
  • Provide information on the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery
  • Identify training and education needs of our members
  • Give defined control over standards of service
  • Identify the gaps that need to be filled between process, policy and actual service on the ground,
  • Provide evidence based information of change and effectiveness that is credible, reliable and feeds into management and decision making processes.