ACCORD’s Approach

People Matter

Our approach is a person centred, non-directive approach, which empowers clients to explore, address and manage their difficulties in a way appropriate for themselves, with the support of professionally trained ACCORD Counsellors.

A Safe Space

Counselling is undertaken in a safe and re-assuring atmosphere, away from the stresses of home. In our experience, this calm environment can lead clients to a deeper understanding of themselves, their spouse and partner, and their situation – which can in turn lead to better communication, an improved relationship and strategies to better manage difficulties now and into the future.

We Listen

Our Counsellors will be alert to the possibility of abusive behaviour in relationships and have training to manage such situations appropriately.

We have Experience

ACCORD Counsellors are experienced in working with a wide range of life issues that confront couples and individuals struggling to manage a relationship and family life. Our Counsellors will not be shocked by or trivialise issues that clients bring to counselling.

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