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Counselling Services

Accord’s modality is the person centred or humanistic approach (also known as Rogerian).We believe it is the most appropriate modality for couples’ counselling and therapy as it is characterised by unconditional positive regard and acceptance of each client. It does not instruct clients in a directive way, but rather the process facilitates clients to deepen their understanding of themselves, each other, their relationship dynamic and also to explore and agree what will work best for them in their relationship. Our couples counsellors also use interventions and strategies from many other modalities as necessary to meet the needs of each case.

ACCORD’s couples counselling service is welcoming of everyone seeking support for relationship issues irrespective of their relationship status.


Areas where we can help

Our Couples Counsellors support their clients as they work to:

  • deepen of their understanding of themselves and one another
  • manage conflict and disagreements in a better way
  • handle challenges relating to illness, disability and neurodivergence
  • Identify, understand and manage the impact of trauma
  • manage the impact of addictions on their relationship
  • renegotiate their relationship following infidelity and other breaches of trust
  • improve and develop their emotional connection
  • understand and work to resolve difficulties in their sexual relationship
  • improve their ability to self-regulate  and manage themselves and their behaviours
  • discuss the use and impact of technology and social media on their relationship
  • openly discuss concerns about separation
  • understand and manage the impact of grief and loss on themselves and their relationship
  • understand and work to manage any difficulties with extended family
  • manage parenting responsibilities positively in challenging family situations
  • identify and resolve patterns of situational domestic abuse
  • When coercive control is identified in a relationship, ACCORD Couples Counsellors  are guided by comprehensive protocols designed to safeguard the person at risk.


With over 60 years’ experience, ACCORD is a trusted professional agency committed to helping couples and individuals to resolve difficulties in their relationships. Our counselling services are continually developing to address new and emerging needs and problems and are always delivered with care, sensitivity and respect. ACCORD counsellors are qualified to the highest professional standards for working therapeutically with couple relationships and regularly under take Continuing Professional Development. We believe in what we do because we know we can help couples and individuals improve their relationships. For clients who have children, an improved and happier couple relationship, whether living together or apart, creates a happier, more nurturing and safer environment for children to grow and develop in.
About our Couples Counsellors

All ACCORD Counsellors undergo a rigorous selection process before they can commence their professional training. Our counsellors must have personal qualities such as warmth, understanding, acceptance, genuineness and respect – qualities essential for effective counselling.

Our locations

ACCORD offers its confidential service at convenient locations across Ireland. Find your nearest location HERE.

Online Counselling

For clients choosing online counselling, ACCORD offers online couples counselling for individuals and couples. ACCORD has counsellors who have completed specialised training programmes for delivering couples counselling remotely. Find further information about online couples counselling HERE.


Accord’s couples counselling service is provided on the basis of need rather than ability to pay. In the Republic of Ireland Accord receives an annual grant from TUSLA to support the provision of the service. This grant does not cover the entire cost of providing sessions consequently clients are requested to make a contribution based on their financial circumstances. Lack of finances will never hinder your access to couples counselling with ACCORD.

Why Couples Counselling?

Couples and individuals come to Accord for professional expertise in helping them to work through their relationship issues and reach common ground. Research from Amarach (2022) indicates that 20% of couples across the entire age and social spectrum of society, at any given time, are experiencing strain and difficulties in their relationships.

We encounter relationships that are new and old. We hear about problems that are emerging and long established. We know there are many causes of such difficulties – and we also know there are also many ways to improve relationships.

ACCORD’s Approach

We believe every individual and relationship is unique and deserves respect. We know that what works for one couple does not necessarily work for another couple. We work with clients in the most appropriate way based on their particular circumstances and issues. We do not judge, criticise, or take sides - we work with clients for the benefit of their relationship.
People Matter

Our approach is a person centred, non-directive approach, which empowers clients to explore, address and manage their difficulties in a way appropriate for themselves, with the support of professionally trained ACCORD couples counsellors.

A Safe Space

In-person couples counselling is undertaken in a safe and re-assuring atmosphere, away from the stresses of home.  In our experience, this calm environment can play an important part in leading clients to a deeper understanding of themselves, their spouse or  partner, their relationship dynamic and their situation – which can in turn lead to better connection, communication, an improved relationship and strategies and skills to better manage difficulties now and into the future.

Online couples therapy is as effective as in-person therapy. It takes place virtually in a safe, private, confidential space for the couple or individual, in their  home or other appropriate private and confidential setting. Accord  counsellors receive  professional training for providing couple therapy on line.

Safety in Relationships

Our counsellors will always be alert to the possibility of abusive behaviour in relationships and are trained  to manage such situations appropriately and safely.

We Listen

Our counsellors listen to your experiences, your needs and to how you would like your relationship to work.

We have Experience

ACCORD Counsellors are experienced in working with a wide range of life issues that confront couples and individuals struggling to manage a relationship and family life.  Our counsellors will not be shocked by or trivialise any issues that clients bring to counselling.

First steps with ACCORD

On your first appointment, you will meet your counsellor who will commence an assessment process designed to help you and your partner identify and clarify the challenges in your relationship.  The assessment process will help the counsellor to work with you to prioritise the issues needing attention.

At the first session your counsellor will explain Accord’s policies on Confidentiality, Child Safeguarding and Data Protection and the ‘terms and conditions’ of ACCORD couples counselling service. Once the assessment process has been  completed, the way forward will be agreed with your counsellor.
If you need support beyond couples and relationships counselling, we can advise on other ACCORD services such as Psychosexual therapy or Fertility and Wellbeing  counselling.