Accord’s Marriage Preparation Programme provides couples with an invaluable opportunity to step away from the busyness of wedding planning and concentrate on exploring and deepening their relationship.

Building on your individual and couple strengths, the programme offers you practical techniques and psychological insights to enhance your relationship and to integrate these practices into the Sacramental vision of your married life together.


What previous attendees had to say

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They made you feel relaxed from the start we were nervous but that all faded from the first 10 mins.

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I think it gives a stepping stone on your path to married life. Gives a different look on things.

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Very helpful preparing for married lives, brilliant feedback advised for each other as a married couple.

Book a Programme

It’s advisable to book your programme at least 6-9months before your wedding.

Accord’s marriage preparation programme is approved by the Irish Catholic Bishop’s Conference and is accepted in any parish throughout the island and overseas. We offer a 9 hour programme in convenient locations around the country (it’s best to book at least 6 months before your wedding day!).

Inter church programme

In Northern Ireland and the Archdiocese of Dublin Accord offers an inter-church programme tailored for couples of mixed faiths intending to marry within the Catholic Church. Each session is conducted by a priest, a minister from another faith, and two Accord facilitators. Contact Accord Northern Ireland on info@accordni.com or Accord Dublin on admin@accorddublin.ie for further information.


Programme Content

Our marriage preparation programme combines a practical understanding of Catholic marriage with contemporary real-world insights gleaned from the social sciences.
Unit 1: Laying Strong Foundations

Couples have the opportunity to explore each other’s strengths and values more deeply, recognizing the importance of laying solid groundwork for their relationship.

Unit 2: Family of Origin

Couples gain insights into how their family backgrounds have shaped their individuality and discuss which aspects of these influences they will bring into their relationship.

Unit 3: Couple Conversations

Couples gain awareness of effective communication skills to nurture and fortify their marital bond.

Unit 4: Sexuality and Intimacy

Couples privately share insights into the factors shaping their sexual identities, and discuss various forms of intimacy and the importance of safeguarding it.

Unit 5: Trust and Commitment

Couples reflect on the pivotal role of trust and commitment in fostering a resilient relationship while deepening their awareness of how to cultivate these qualities.

Unit 6: Choosing the Sacrament of Marriage

Partners deepen their appreciation of the Sacrament of Marriage, recognizing its significance for each other, the Christian community, and society at large.

Unit 7: Working with Conflict

Couples acknowledge the inevitability of conflict within their relationship, identifying their individual conflict resolution styles and learning constructive conflict management techniques.

Unit 8: Relationship Wellbeing and Family

Couples privately discuss the values they aspire to embody as a family and strategize on how to navigate life’s challenges together.

Designed with Purpose

The programme is delivered by professionally trained Accord facilitators and includes presentations, workbook exercises, private couple work and some group activities. A confidential environment is established where participants can choose their level of engagement without any pressure.

Accord’s programme has been created with you in mind, and with values that are important to inspire growth and harmony:

  • Encouraging the self-awareness and wellbeing of the participants as individuals
  • Focusing on the central importance of the couple relationship
  • Developing skills to strengthen the intimate connection between the couple
  • Raising awareness of and developing the spiritual life of the couple
  • Highlighting how couples can gain support from, and participate in their local parish community
  • Setting out the Church’s vision of the beauty of Sacramental Marriage

Getting Married in the Catholic Church

As part of the pastoral care of the Church for you as an engaged person you will each complete a Pre-Nuptial Enquiry form with your local priest. The form records when you were received into the Church at Baptism and then Confirmed. It also indicates that you are free to marry and helps identify any special permission that you might need.