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Accord offers a unique opportunity for suitable qualified and experienced counsellors and therapists to extend  their areas of competence and train as specialists in Couples and Relationships counselling.

The training programme is a  Level 8,  University validated,  Certificate course in Couples and Relationships Counselling.  The course involves attendance at 16days over the course of 1 academic year in Maynooth followed by a placement (100 client sessions)  in an  Accord Centre and 2 consolidation days during the placement period.  There is no fee for this course. Placement is provided by Accord.


The 16 day (8 weekends) Certificate programme (September to April annually) will provide the clinical skills essential to couples work including:

  • in-depth knowledge relating to the handling of Infidelity
  • Trauma
  • Addiction
  • Neurodiversity
  • Physical & Mental Illness & Disability
  • Sex and Intimacy
  • Step-Family Dynamics
  • Diversity
  • Parenting Issues
  • the Impacts of Family of Origin
  • Domestic Abuse in the couple context
  • self-awareness exercises specific to the needs of the couple and relationship counsellor

What sets Accord's training apart from other training?

Accord couples’ counselling training combines the person centred approach with the most up to date theoretical approaches and strategies with a very practical grounding in the skills required to facilitate couples provided by experienced practitioners.

Accord also provides placement opportunities for students to commence and continue their couples’ counsellor journeys.

Counsellors who successfully complete this course will have the knowledge, awareness, skills and confidence to take on a varied couple’s caseload. Counsellors who wish to work on line with couples and individuals undertake additional training in online couples counselling.

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Comprehensive coverage of the academic literature of neuroscience and the psychology of relationship dynamics and a thorough practical grounding in the effective practice of person centred counselling which equips counsellors to safely and ethically work with couple clients.

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This course is essential learning for working with couples.
It covers a multitude of presenting issues necessary to safely support client’s as they navigate their relationship difficulties.
My self-knowledge has grown profoundly throughout the course.
The material is delivered with warmth and intelligence.
The tutors are accessible and approachable. The workload is doable with scope for further reading and development.
I think this course is crucial before presenting yourself as qualified to work with couples.

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I would highly recommend this course.
I approached it as a refresher course.
I soon realized how badly I needed reminding of how specialized couples work is. The opportunity of passing on so much valued psyco education to the couples, which in turn as we know improves the situation for the children.
Accord in my opinion sets the standard for top class professional couples counseling.
This is lead by tutors who are in a class of their own professionally.
It was a privilege to do this course.

Opportunities following training

On completion of the certificate programme counsellors are offered a contract of their choice in their preferred centre.
Accord provides ongoing supervision for client work and unlimited annual virtual CPD.

For over 60 years Accord has provided counsellors a dynamic community environment for all it’s members. Counsellors are encouraged to participate and contribute to the life of their Accord centre.

Further training opportunities include training as a supervisor and tutor.


Application Criteria:

  • Level 7 (RoI) or Level 5 (UK) qualification in Counselling/Psychotherapy
  • Knowledge and Experience of working in the Person-Centred style
  • 100 client counselling hours post-graduation
  • A current supervised caseload

The course takes place in person in Maynooth Co Kildare from September to April annually. Application forms are available on the Accord website from February annually.