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Becoming a Counsellor

ACCORD Catholic Marriage Care Service is an agency of the Catholic Church.   It is a not for profit organisation providing a professional service to couples across the island of Ireland preparing for or seeking a deeper commitment within the sacrament of marriage. ACCORD Counselling is non-directive; clients take responsibility for their own decisions and behaviour.

Clients are accepted as being of unique worth and capable of self-determination and growth. Accord counsellors respect the beliefs and values of their clients, their dignity and inherent worth as persons, and their ultimate right to self-determination, while having due regard to the rights, interests and well being of other relevant persons.

ACCORD has 200 counsellors working out of 53 centres across the island of Ireland. ACCORD is interested in people who are warm, genuine, open to learning, willing to commit to volunteering with ACCORD for a minimum period of 3 years following completion of their training, work within ACCORD's ethos and support individuals and couples in their marriages and relationships.

All counsellors working with ACCORD are expected to deliver an agreed number of counselling sessions on a voluntary basis throughout their time with ACCORD.

Currently ACCORD offers the following training in Couples Counselling 

  • ACCORD Certificate in Counselling  (Marriage and Relationship) Level 8 RoI / Level 6 UK, 1 year part time

The Selections for the Certificate in Counselling will take place using zoom on August 14th 2021.