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23rd March 2015

The Art of Communication

A friend of mine who has been happily married for 25 years attests that regular communication is the key to a successful marriage. I recently asked him why communications are so central to his relationship. “I really don’t...

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9th March 2015

Openness in Communication

Communication has been described as the gateway to love within loving relationships. But communication can be ineffective and superficial unless the exchange is really open and authentic. This requires courage – even within the...

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2nd March 2015

Communication – Good Relationships

When couples fall in love, communication is both frequent and fun. We engage effortlessly and we hang on to every word emanating from our partner’s lips. We also richly enjoy and appreciate the sense of being listened to by our...

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29th January 2015

Marriage Preparation Courses: what to expect?

In the run up to marriage, naturally many couples get wrapped up in the excitement of planning the big day. However, it’s also wise to take some time beforehand to discuss each other’s expectations for a life together.One...

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