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3rd December 2014

The Transition to Parenthood

The majority of married couples will make the decision to become parents at some point in their married lives. This is a truly inspiring and fascinating time for both you and your partner. This period of your life can...

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26th November 2014

Growing Through Marriage

Although no two marriages will be the same, it is fair to say that marriages do follow a certain pattern. There can be a similar pattern of stages that most marriages go through including the decision to have a family. As...

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17th November 2014

Financial pressure within a Marriage

Unfortunately, money worries can affect even the strongest and happiest couples. Modern life can place a lot of pressure on couples and families. Work-related stress and budgeting can put pressure on you, which in turn...

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6th November 2014

Remaining Close To Your Partner

When a couple becomes distant from each other it usually happens over a period of time. At the outset of a relationship there is a lot of attention, curiosity and excitement as a couple beings to get to know and discover...

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29th October 2014

Being Attentive To Your Partner

Communicating effectively requires putting time and effort into listening, talking and trying to understand one another’s perspectives. Being listened to, feeling understood and experiencing your partner sharing his or...

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21st October 2014

Some Common Causes of Stress in Marriage

While marriage can be a wonderful and fulfilling experience, no lifelong commitment is likely to run smoothly at all times. Life can be full of ups and downs which can sometimes challenge the strength of your marriage....

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24th September 2014

Trusting One Another

A relationship that lacks trust is a relationship in difficulty. If trust is missing in a marriage or relationship it is impossible for the relationship  to thrive.    Trust is an indispensable...

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17th September 2014

Marriage Counselling with ACCORD

ACCORD is a well known and respected agency with over 50 years experience of working with couples and individuals supporting them in their marriages and relationships. ACCORD offers a professional counselling...

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