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27th May 2014

Talking to Your Partner

Whether it’s small talk, serious talk, happy talk or sad talk, communicating regularly with your partner is essential for a healthy and satisfying relationship. In fact, talking to one another is key to sharing the good...

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22nd May 2014

Are You Ready For Marriage?

Is it the right time for you to get married? What do you need to know about your partner before tying the knot? If you’re thinking of marriage, it’s important to take some time to think about what a shared life will...

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7th May 2014

Why Should We Do a Marriage Course?

A marriage preparation course provides a platform for engaged couples to talk about expectations for married life and consider issues that might lead to challenges in the future. An essential component of these courses...

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31st March 2014

Work and Marriage: Maintaining the Balance

One of the challenges that married couples face today is adequately balancing a career with their relationship. So often a job can result in an individual being caught up in a cycle of work and sleep, thereby running the...

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