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Latest News Are You Ready For Marriage?

22nd May 2014

Are You Ready For Marriage?

Is it the right time for you to get married? What do you need to know about your partner before tying the knot?


If you’re thinking of marriage, it’s important to take some time to think about what a shared life will be like. Remember, you don’t want to be just married, but happily married. The questions below may help you think practically about it.


1. What are your reasons for getting married?


It’s first important to evaluate your feelings and thoughts to uncover if you’re ready to get married. Do you think positively about lifelong commitment to another person? Have you taken a close look at yourself and your relationship already? Discuss with your partner the picture you have for a life together and see if you are on the same page.


2. Have you spoken about your expectations?


Becoming someone’s husband or wife doesn’t mean giving up your personal goals and expectations. Both people will have these within a relationship, and it’s essential to communicate their importance from the outset. Figure out what yours and your partner’s are and talk about achieving them together.


3. Are you planning a marriage or just a wedding?


The romance and excitement of your wedding day is something to be cherished – it’s a wonderful occasion. However, there is more to it than just one day.


Have you given yourself time to talk about children, careers, in-laws or money matters? These are the nuts and bolts of everyday married life, and should be discussed when during your engagement or before. If you both come to agreement on these, it will make planning the big day even more special.


4. Will you be giving anything up you don’t want to lose?


One of the biggest challenges married couples report is the loss of certain freedoms. You’ll need to account for each other’s feelings in the majority of decisions made, and this can be difficult for some people.


Will these decisions mean giving up seeing friends, family or shying away from your career? Are there certain things you don’t want to let go of? Working these out before marriage is a positive step and will help begin it in a healthy and happy way.


Hopefully these questions will help you figure out whether you’re ready for marriage. They might also draw up new questions and ideas that are unique to you, and by exploring them you’ll be greater equipped to enter a very special bond with your loved one now, or in the future.

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