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Latest News Being Attentive To Your Partner

29th October 2014

Being Attentive To Your Partner

Communicating effectively requires putting time and effort into listening, talking and trying to understand one another’s perspectives.


Being listened to, feeling understood and experiencing your partner sharing his or her thoughts and feelings with you can be a very positive experience and can enhance your relationship.


Taking a Step Back


Couples may have a multitude of tasks and activities they engage in on a daily basis which take up quite an amount of their time - work, childminding, cooking, housework, socialising, TV, social media, amongst other things. When life is busy it is very important to keep in mind and to prioritise the importance of listening, talking and understanding one another for the benefit of your relationship.


Making time to talk and listen to one another regularly, listening carefully to what your partner is saying, what your partner is not quite saying and checking with him or her that you have understood what they have said, are all key to good communication in your relationship.


Suggestions for improving communication



Time is a gift in life that you can share with your partner. Spending time together, listening and talking, having fun, sharing interests hobbies, socialising, can all contribute to good communication and enhance the quality of your relationship.



In addition to listening to what your partner says listen to what  he or she is not saying  explicitly,  the feelings and meanings that  lie behind the words.  Sensing what lies behind the words spoken and checking this out with  your partner can  help him or her to feel understood.


Be Open and Honest:

 Being open to what you partner says to you is important even if some of what you hear may be difficult at times. Being honest with your partner about your own thoughts and feelings can enhance communication.


Be aware of your language and body language:

Your use of language and your body language can enhance or impede good communication..  Be aware of using respectful language and displaying open and non defensive body language at all times. 


Being mindful of and working to improve your communication can improve the quality of your relationship and your life together.

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