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4th June 2014

Being Happy Together

Marriage means the lifelong union of two individuals in a sacred bond. However, the work involved in sustaining a happy marriage is sometimes underestimated, and insufficient attention to the quality of the relationship can lead to difficulties maintaining a shared happiness.


Despite the challenges that all couples face at one point or another, there are attitudes and behaviours that can help bring about a long and fruitful relationship - honesty, loving, and willingness.



Being honest involves keeping communication open between each other. It means that secrets are not kept between husband and wife, and that feelings are shared with one another. Being honest can also reflect the trust and positivity in a relationship. Sharing ideas and dreams about the future also involves being open and honest with one another.


When a couple finds it difficult to share their concerns and begin to keep things from one another it puts a strain on the marriage. Issues of concern for couples vary and could include a range of areas such as communication, finances, lifestyle, extended family, health, and career. It is important that couples learn to listen and discuss matters of concern with one another so they can understand each other’s perspective and work out a way forward.



The word ‘love’ conjures up all manner of interpretations and meanings. From a fairy-tale romance to a long-term commitment, it is in essence dedication, care and support towards each other.


Love needs to be shown. Remembering your anniversary, giving your husband or wife a hug or kiss when you/they come in from work, helping them out in some way, or surprising them with a small gift or break away, are some of the ways to let them know you cherish and appreciate them. What’s better than bringing a smile or happiness to your loved one’s day



Being willing means doing things to help and support your husband or wife. They may not always be the things you like to do but they can show that you are willing to support them and to put them first sometimes which can in turn help to reaffirm the love between each other.


Being honest loving, and willing can highlight the commitment you have to your husband or wife. And remember, small actions can sometimes be as important as the big ones.

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