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Latest News Getting Through Tough Times in Your Marriage

30th April 2014

Getting Through Tough Times in Your Marriage

There will be challenging times in the life of a married couple – this is an inevitable fact.


However, the greatest test of all will be whether these times bring you closer together or weaken your relationship.  To help you overcome these periods we’ve put together a few tips for you to consider.


Acceptance: The First Step

A tough situation cannot be solved without first acknowledging that the problem exists. Both need to be able to recognise that without mutual acceptance, moving to resolve whatever has come between you will be a difficult task. Adjusting your view away from conflict and towards harmony is an important step.


Open Up

If you can identify emotions and explain the hurt you feel to your loved one, you have already begun the journey to restoring a healthy relationship.  This isn’t easy, as many people know, but is possible when there is respect, understanding, caring and fairness.


Recognise Fear

There are many reasons why people feel fearful – the threat of becoming unemployed, the possibility of becoming ill, never having enough time with your children, to name but a few. Whatever the cause of your fears or anxieties, empowerment can arise from being honest with your loved one and talking things through in a calm, objective manner.


The Power of Two

Once you’ve both opened up and identified the difficulties you are going through, work hand in hand to restore the balance in your relationship. There is much wisdom in the saying ”A problem shared is a problem spared”, and this is true to an extent but if you find yourselves unable to overcome problems, don’t hesitate to  seek help from a professional marriage counsellor.


Make a Plan

When you place trust in each other to work things out, then make a plan to monitor progress.  Setting some relationship targets will make it easier to see that you are moving in the right direction. Above all, be respectful, understanding, caring and fair in the way in which you relate to each other.

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