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Latest News Marriage Counselling with ACCORD

17th September 2014

Marriage Counselling with ACCORD

ACCORD is a well known and respected agency with over 50 years experience of working with couples and individuals supporting them in their marriages and relationships.


ACCORD offers a professional counselling service, available through the 55 centres around the island of Ireland. ACCORD counsellors within these centres work with couples and individuals to support them to explore and manage difficulties that have arisen in their relationships.


A Person Centred Approach

ACCORD counsellors are trained in the person centred approach which is based on the belief that clients have the capacity to find solutions to their difficulties with the support of an empathic counsellor.


Once couples or individuals have explored their problems, they can learn to manage them in the most appropriate way for themselves and their relationship. ACCORD counsellors are trained to a professional standard and have an empathic, genuine, supportive and non-judgemental approach to working with clients.


The Role of a Counsellor

ACCORD counsellors listen and facilitate a process whereby you and your spouse can express concerns and feelings that may be very difficult to speak about at home.


There are a wide range of issues that pose problems for couples in their marriages and relationships and when these are brought to counselling, your counsellor can support you to express your thoughts and feelings, outline your experiences and move towards an improved understanding of each other.


Your counsellor works to ensure a confidential, safe and calm environment where both of you can talk, listen and learn to understand the difficulties at hand from both sides. Following a period of counselling many couples learn to improve their communication and manage problems that arise in a better way than previously.


The First Appointment

When your first appointment is made, you’ll meet with a counsellor who will explain the counselling process including the terms and conditions under which counselling is offered by ACCORD. The counsellor will also spend time helping you to identify the problems you are experiencing including their severity.


This session will give you an understanding of the counselling process with ACCORD and help you to decide if it is the appropriate organisation to support you at this time. It will also give you time to focus in depth on the problems that brought you to counselling and help you to prioritise the ones you wish to work on.


If you would like to avail of ACCORD’s marriage and relationship counselling service or would like to know more about the service please contact ACCORD on 01-5053112 or email


In addition to Marriage and Relationship counselling ACCORD offers Domestic Abuse Counselling and a Fertility and Wellbeing Service.

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