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Latest News Remaining Close To Your Partner

6th November 2014

Remaining Close To Your Partner

When a couple becomes distant from each other it usually happens over a period of time.


At the outset of a relationship there is a lot of attention, curiosity and excitement as a couple beings to get to know and discover more and more about one other.


When a couple has been together over a long period of time attention, curiosity and excitement can wane in the midst of the business of life.


As the couple’s relationship evolves, work, personal and joint responsibilities and stress can impact on the quality of the relationship. In these circumstances good communication can help to bring the couple closer together.


Be Emotionally Close


A strong emotional bond is one aspect of a healthy relationship. When two people share their desires, hopes, dreams and fears, they can be at their most vulnerable with one another. When their partner listens, tries to understand and accepts their thoughts and feelings it can enhance emotional closeness, trust and intimacy.


Being emotionally open and vulnerable can be a challenge for individuals. Initially there may be hesitance, fear, and lack of trust. What if he/she does not like who I am? What if he/she laughs at me?  Such fears can be a barrier to being open, but lack of openness and honesty can hinder the development of closeness and intimacy in a relationship. 


When we open up, we might feel afraid and vulnerable to ridicule, put downs, even attack, but when a couple cares for, loves and respects each other this creates an atmosphere of safety where opening up is a safe and positive experience. 


Keep Sharing


Lack of communication can result in your vision for your life together begin to diverge from one another. It is important to open your hearts, and share your, dreams, hopes and expectations for your life together so you can have a shared dream and vision for the future.


Be Supportive


When you feel able to reveal something that worries you to another person and experience a supportive response it can bring great relief and satisfaction. Both of you can support one another in this way and ease each other’s worries and burdens.


Being heard and supported when you are worried, fearful and stressed demonstrates that your partner is there for you to support you through difficult times.


Although every couple and their lives are unique, keeping dialogue open can help in walking the path of marriage together in harmony.

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