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Latest News What Do I Want In A Relationship?

10th December 2014

What Do I Want In A Relationship?

Having a relationship means making the decision to dedicate yourself to someone you have a connection with.


Aside from love and companionship, there are many values that you should look for in a relationship.These values will strengthen the connection between you and your partner, as well as have a positive impact on your life.



 Good communication is essential in order for a relationship to thrive. Communicating clearly and regularly with your partner means that neither of you will bottle up your thoughts and feelings.


Constant open communication means that you can both be honest with one another about your thoughts and feelings, and in turn feel mutually supported. Communication is an essential factor for healthy relationships.



 Understanding your partner and their choices is very important.  Doing your best to be understanding of your partner’s feelings will allow you both to connect better as a couple.



It is very important to support your partner in all of their endeavours. It is also vital to have open discussion on the effect any changes may have on your lives together before any major decisions are made.


Whether they want to begin a new job, make a lifestyle change or work on a personal project, your partner needs your understanding and emotional support. You should do your best to inspire confidence in your partner and nurture their potential.



Respect is an essential aspect of any happy relationship. You should feel like your partner respects your choices, decisions and you as a person.Nobody is perfect, and your partner should not expect you to be.


Showing respect for someone you love is as much about accepting someone’s flaws as it is about accepting their strengths. In turn, you also need to respect your partner for exactly who they are. Mutual respect allows for mutual benefit and a happy relationship.


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