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Latest News What Should We Expect From A Marriage Preparation Course?

10th March 2014

What Should We Expect From A Marriage Preparation Course?

In the run up to marriage, many couples tend to get wrapped up in the excitement of planning the big day. However, it’s also wise to take some time before it arrives to discuss each other’s expectations for a life together.


One way of doing this is by attending a marriage preparation course, the aim of which is to give couples the opportunity to discuss issues that may not have come up previously.


What would we talk about?

Some couples think about a marriage preparation course as an opportunity to talk about difficulties in their relationship. Although they do provide a space for these conversations, the programmes more importantly offer practical information on how to achieve personal, couple and family goals.


There are a variety of exercises your facilitator will give to open the door for further reflection, discussion and learning. Some examples are:

  • Writing down personal aspirations for your married life and sharing them with each other privately. This can be anything from career hopes to values you would like to pass on and instil in your children.
  • Discussing opinions on topics you feel may lead to greater understanding in your relationship.
  • Role-playing by the course facilitators of typical situations that often bring couples into conflict. By doing this, your facilitator can help you figure out ways to communicate more effectively.

Benefits of the course

Perhaps most importantly, you’ll gain insight into potential conflict areas stemming from different viewpoints on topics like parenting, commitment and lifestyle. If issues relating to these surface in the future, you’ll be better equipped with the communication and conflict resolution skills the course imparts to help resolve them.


In short, taking the time to participate in marriage preparation shows your commitment to your partner and your marriage. It will provide you both with an opportunity to learn more about each other and will also give you additional skills and knowledge that can enhance your marriage.


ACCORD Catholic Marriage Care Service provides Marriage Preparation courses for couples deciding to get married in the Catholic Church. Call us on 01-5053112 or visit our Marriage Preparation page for more information.

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