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Latest News Why Should We Do A Marriage Preparation Course?

4th February 2015

Why Should We Do A Marriage Preparation Course?

A marriage preparation course provides a platform for engaged couples to talk about expectations for married life and consider issues that might lead to challenges in the future.

An essential component of these courses are the skills imparted by your trained facilitator, who will help you plan for your marriage through tried and tested communication techniques.


What to Expect?

In essence, your marriage preparation course will help you to gain the knowledge and skills to build and maintain a happy, fruitful marriage. It’s an education programme in which both partners learn important marriage skills through specific modules.

These modules cover a range of topics including communication techniques, conflict management, becoming parents, and sexuality and intimacy. The emphasis remains on the couples at all times, allowing them to explore their relationship and offering the opportunity for couples to open up to each other in a confidential setting. 


Is It for Us?

It has been proven that skills-based marriage preparation courses offer couples an opportunity for a long and happy marriage and that those who partake come out feeling closer and more in-tune with their partner than ever before.

The central tenet behind the course is that by practically planning for married life, you are reinforcing the commitment already given to each other in engagement. In addition, as married life can be more challenging today than ever before – with couples often balancing work, family and finances – taking an anticipatory approach can reap huge rewards.


ACCORD’s Course

ACCORD organises marriage preparation courses with you in mind. In over 55 centres nationwide, our highly skilled facilitators invite you to spend quality time together reflecting on what brought you together and your future.

The courses take place in a very relaxed setting where you’ll also meet other couples preparing for the sacrament of marriage. The course is guided by the facilitator but also influenced by the couple, and at no time will you be placed in a situation of embarrassment or distress.

Contact ACCORD today for more information on marriage preparation courses around the country.

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