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Latest News Work and Marriage: Maintaining the Balance

31st March 2014

Work and Marriage: Maintaining the Balance

One of the challenges that married couples face today is adequately balancing a career with their relationship.


So often a job can result in an individual being caught up in a cycle of work and sleep, thereby running the risk of the relationship receiving less focus and attention.


 Work-Life Balance

In recent years in particular couples and families in Ireland have experienced much worry and stress as the economic recession hit hard. This climate of financial uncertainty has forced some people to maximise their earning opportunities and sacrifice quality time that could be spent with their partner and loved ones.


Understandably, this type of situation may be unavoidable as people seek to secure their families’ homes and futures. However, it is one of many situations where a disproportionate amount of time and focus on work can lead to breakdowns in communication and tension between couples.


In some instances individuals can be so focused on career advancement and or money that it affects the quality of their personal relationships and consequently happiness



Balancing work and family life often comes down to a question of values, priorities, an ability to negotiate and ingenuity. Most people will readily agree that couple and family life are far more important than long hours at the office and a total focus on the fulfilment of personal career objectives.


If you experience difficulties in your relationship resulting from work-life balance issues, the first step should be speaking directly to your partner. Talk to your partner about the stresses you are experiencing due to your current lifestyle and explore together what can be done to restore the balance.


Beginning the process of restoring balance in your life could start with negotiating and agreeing your shared priorities and having done that agree on any changes that need to be made. This may result in a number of changes; having more realistic expectations of each other, making more time for each other, agreeing not to bring work home and perhaps even changing job.


In many cases, work productivity can actually increase as the quality of marriage and family life improves.


Positive Outcomes

Once you experience the balance in your work and family life improving you’ll notice your overall level of satisfaction and happiness in your relationship grow once again.  


Work-life balance is a challenge to be managed, similar to so many other challenges in marriage. Working it out together also reaffirms that commitment and love which is so important between two people sharing a life together.

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