Parental consent is required for children to attend the primary schools’ programme. If requested by the school, parent talks are given by facilitators before the programme is delivered so that parents can see and hear about the material their children will cover in the programme and also ask questions.

A teacher is always present with the Facilitator when the programmes are being delivered.

At the start of every programme in each class, after the introductions, a Contract will be established between the Facilitator and the pupils. This will include Respect and Confidentiality. The Contract will be written up on a board, flip chart or PowerPoint.

Respect refers to the mutual respect between the Facilitator and the pupils and also the mutual respect for the pupils amongst themselves during the course of the programme.

Confidentiality refers to the fact that the content of each programme is designed for the class and age group receiving it. It is not to be shared, for example, with younger pupils in the playground. Pupils are encouraged to talk to their parents about what they have learned but not to discuss the programme contents with their younger siblings.

The facilitator will make clear at the outset that confidentiality is not absolute where issues of child welfare or safety arise. If there is a disclosure that a child is being harmed, or is causing harm to others, the facilitator is obliged to discuss the matter privately with the school’s designated person to ensure that the child receives the help and support they need. The Facilitator will explain to the child concerned that this conversation will take place.