For fifth and sixth class students, social media and technology is coming up as an issue which is causing pressure and anxiety for children. It can take the form of cyberbullying, accessing inappropriate material, the using of gaming platforms and also peer pressure associated with not having a phone or not being on a particular social media site that many other pupils have signed up to.

ACCORD Dublin’s RSE programme includes discussion about the children’s responsibilities in using technology as well as providing strategies to deal with any of the above pressures and anxieties as appropriate for a particular class of students. It also includes information about what they should do if they receive anything electronically that makes them feel afraid or uncomfortable.

Pupils are encouraged to be kind to others online and to ask themselves what effect something they post is likely to have both now and into the future, because whatever they post is there online forever.

Students are encouraged to talk at home about their online activity and it is emphasised to them how important it is to share their passwords with parents and guardians for their own safety and protection.