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Course Content

Marriage Preparation Course ContentACCORD cares about your relationship and your future together. The Marriage Preparation Course we offer is designed with you in mind. Your Marriage Preparation Course offers both of you the opportunity to reflect on how you communicate, to explore your understanding of commitment, how to manage conflict, how to be responsible parents and to live the sacrament of marriage.

During the Marriage Preparation Programme we invite you to:

  • Spend quality time together reflecting on your relationship and your future.
  • Relax and enjoy an atmosphere that is respectful, confidential and fun.
  • Meet other couples preparing for marriage.

The following is a list of the modules which are covered during the Marriage Preparation Course:

  • Marriage and your Family of Origin and Self-Awareness
  • Marriage and how you Communicate
  • Marriage and Your Conflict Management
  • Choosing the Sacrament of Marriage
  • Marriage and Your Commitment
  • Marriage and Your being Parents
  • Marriage and Your Fertility Awareness and Well-being
  • Marriage and Your Sexuality and Intimacy.

The emphasis at all times is on the needs of the couples. The course is designed to allow them to explore their relationship, their understanding of the various elements that make up their unique partnership and to celebrate their particular commitment to each other at this time.

Be assured that at no time during the programme will any couple or individual be placed in a situation that will cause embarrassment or distress.

“The Church must therefore promote better and more intensive programmes of Marriage Preparation in order to eliminate as far as possible the difficulties that many married couples find themselves in, and even more in order to favour positively the establishing and maturing of successful marriages.”

Pope John Paul ll, 1981, Familiaris Consortio,
Apostolic Exhortation on the Family