Accord is committed to lifelong learning and continuing improvement. Consequently, its practice of the person centred approach is continuously enhanced by integrating into it the latest knowledge and developments in the fields of relationship psychology and neuroscience.

Counselling commences with a needs assessment process where clients identify and reflect on the issues affecting their relationship. As part of this process the counsellor will assess whether the clients’ presenting problems are best addressed together in joint sessions or separately. The counsellor will make this decision in the interests of the safety of clients at all times.


Counselling is about change and it is for the clients themselves to explore, with the support their couples counsellor, those behaviours they want to change and to what degree.

Accord’s counselling environments are safe spaces where clients can talk freely about their experiences and their feelings, learn to listen to each other more effectively, gain a better understanding of each other and start to plan ways in which they can improve their relationship satisfaction and intimacy.


The benefits of couples counselling extend beyond the couple relationship itself. Couples counselling facilitates changes that support parents to create the best living environment for their children to grow and thrive in. Whether living together or co- parenting a positive couple relationship benefits the atmosphere in the home and the quality of life of their children. These improvements benefit not only the current generation of children but also their children and the generations to come.


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ACCORD operates from 46 centres throughout Ireland north and south. We offer a comprehensive range of support services helping with couple and relationship difficulties and the preparation for Sacramental Marriage.