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Conflict in Relationships – Awareness of How we Fight

All couples can expect to experience conflict at some point along the shared journey of their loving relationship. In the early stages of getting to know one another we generally have a desire not to fight because we feel our…

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Styles of Conflict Resolution

Conflict is an inevitable component of human relationships but the critical emphasis lies not in the level of frequency, or why it occurs, but how conflict is understood and resolved. In order to achieve this we need to understand…

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The Pitfalls in Relationship Conflict

There isn’t always a perfect answer to resolve relationship arguments. While yearning to remain positive and committed to one another, many couples just strive to find a compromise position and avoid ongoing negativity. John and…

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Positive Approaches to Conflict Resolution

When too much has been said in heated exchanges, many couples experience the dreaded awareness that things have really gotten out of hand. They feel contrite and yet there is a residue of hurt at some particular slight delivered…

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Prevention Of Flooding

Prevention of Flooding: In a couple situation the impacts of flooding can be very damaging. The flooded person: cannot absorb or process new information; feels that everything their partner says is an attack; tends to shut…

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Flooding:In January and February 2020, the world news was dominated by coverage of the devastation caused by flooding. Australia, Indonesia, Spain, France, Luxembourg, the UK, Ireland and the US were among those countries that…

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Overreacting : The Consequences

Overreacting: The ConsequencesIt isn’t comfortable to admit to ourselves that we have overreacted… Maybe we are beginning to realise that we have a pattern of overreacting… We may feel embarrassed and ashamed about the…

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Overreacting:When we hear that someone is overreacting, we might have an image of a person exploding in a rage. However, overreaction can be the opposite of this. The person affected may become silent and withdraw. If we…

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Missing Conversations:

Missing Conversations:Never, within living memory, have so many couples had so much time to spend together. So much time to think. Time to think about how strange it is to have time… Now that the excuse of not having time to…

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