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Marriage & Relationship Counselling

Long Distance Relationships

What are the main difficulties posed by long distance relationships?The main difficulty is lack of face to face time together to enjoy each other’s company and to be close to and intimate with one another. When couples are…

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A Matter of Trust

When a spouse/partner is unfaithful it may seem like the end of the marriage/relationship is inevitable, but this does not have to be the case.When an affair is discovered or comes to light it is a huge trauma for the spouse/…

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Do we need Counselling

Many couples and individuals are aware they might benefit from counselling long before they attend. It can be a very difficult decision to make to seek counselling. Arranging an appointment for counselling  is actually naming…

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Impact of Retirement on Marriages and Relationships

The majority of couples and individuals look forward to retirement. They may envisage a time of relaxation, the opportunity to pursue interests and hobbies, to travel, and to have the choice to decide what they will and won’t…

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Is it ok to have Arguments ?It is quite normal for couples to have arguments. Couples have different views on many issues in the course of their lives together. Couples and individuals coming to ACCORD rate communication…

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What Makes a Good Marriage / Relationship

Sometimes individuals and couples can feel dissatisfied, unhappy and unfulfilled in their marriages/ relationships and be unsure as to what exactly is wrongThere are many  factors that contribute to a satisfying…

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Client Information

Client InformationMarriage and Relationship Counselling : Caring for Christian MarriageACCORD, Catholic Marriage Care Service, has been delivering a professional counselling service in Ireland for over 50 years. There are…

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Keeping your relationship strong when a child is sick or has special needs

What emotions are experienced when a couple is faced with a diagnosis of a chronically sick child or a child has special needs?This is one of the hardest things a couple can face in their life together.  Childhood illness…

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Conflict in Relationships – Awareness of How we Fight

All couples can expect to experience conflict at some point along the shared journey of their loving relationship. In the early stages of getting to know one another we generally have a desire not to fight because we feel our…

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Styles of Conflict Resolution

Conflict is an inevitable component of human relationships but the critical emphasis lies not in the level of frequency, or why it occurs, but how conflict is understood and resolved. In order to achieve this we need to understand…

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